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Lohana Association of Greater Chicago

The final dates of each program shall be intimated in due course before the event.

Event                                 Date

                    Casino                             3/24/2024

                    Drama                             May 2024

                     Picnic                             6/30/2024

                   Talent Show                      Jul 2024     

                    Kite Flying                       8/17/2024

                    Garba 1                          10/12/2024          

                   Garba 2                           10/19/2024

                    Diwali                             12/7/2024



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 (Above 16 years of age)

  • Annual     $ 20.00 per person

  • Lifetime    $ 200.00 per person

Update Your Contact Information:

Please contact LAGC to update your contact information, if your address, phone# or email address has been changed.

Please visit and send your updated contact.


To sponsor any LAGC Event, please contact:

Kiritbhai: 847.322.2070

Vasudevbhai: 847.873.3185

Welcome to LAGC, a non-profit organization aims to bring together the community for the awareness and promotion of Lohana Heritage and Culture in the mid-west region of Chicago.

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